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 My QuickPHP Setup so far 
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Post My QuickPHP Setup so far
In another post i referred to some tools I use. and well in this post I wud like to elaborate on that. Mind U, i do php coding of small projects, and still active on other developement forums, and at first I thought I wud post there about what I have currently as a development environment. And thought why not post it here as well :) So here it goes :)

Recently I had to reformat my system, and ya know how that goes afterwards when ya installing apps. Ya begin to to experiment with diff apps and so forth. Well this one was trying to keep my php development small and fast. So I went out hynting for some new Toys, not to say they are perfect, but its a nice environment to get some coding projects done without apache hogging everything.

Anyways here are the apps I've been playing with (Yes, all freeware/open source)
  1. PHP 5.2.8 I grabbed the big zip package, removed a bunch of stuff[i] I didnt need, prolly still some residual [i]stuff[i] i can further remove.
  2. PHPConfig Ya ever hate going thru php.ini trying to set it up, this is a nice tool, but still needs updating, but still a nice tool nonetheless. Warning: This tool removes all comments in yer saved version of php.ini [i](it prompts u to which file ya are saving the .ini to)
  3. QuickPHP Whats this? QuickPHP is small webserver (still under developement), but its SMALL, and has a very interesting feature QuickPHP Mod, which is a replacement system for apache modules.
  4. XDebug An excellant debugger module for php, however it can be a pain to set up and get rolling.
  5. DevPHP2/3 A Very Interesting IDE for PHP, small & Fast.

SO Far so good, but remember QuickPHP is still being developed, so it lacks a lot of features (And some basic ones as well), but this was an idea to stray off the bloated path of Apache development environment. And it does this quiet nicely.

When working with DevPHP, Do not save XDebug PHP.ini settings, this will overwrite yer php.ini with only xdebug settings.

XDebug Settings
This is how i have my xdebug set to in my .ini

my quickphp folder looks like apache layout
  • QuickPHP
    • bin - I put QuickPHP & PHP executables here
      • mods - Custom modules for QuickPHP MOD system
  • logs - log files of course
  • profiler - for XDebug profiler information
  • data - Used for php session path
  • ext - php extensions
  • tmp remporary space (upload path)
  • webWeb Folder
    • QuickPHP - extra scripts that I am writing for QuickPHP MOD system
  • include - A PHP included folder for some libs I want to be acessible by all scripts

so far this weighs in at under 25MB (PHP is HUGE still so will be trimming this down further.

Not bad for a complete development environment :)

Anyways good luck :)

December 23rd, 2008, 5:36 am
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