.NET Windows Forms Controls

Advanced TreeView - A Native Multiselect TreeView for WinForms

Features summary:
  • Derives from System.Windows.Forms.TreeView (I want all my existing code to be 100% compatible)
  • Uses System.Windows.Forms.TreeNode (again, compatibility)
  • Behaves like a normal TreeView but with bugs fixed
  • Multiselection support
  • A Multiselect TreeView which is as native as possible
  • Not custom themed (thus using native OS theming - behaves like other XP controls in XP, and Vista controls in Vista and so on for future OSes)
  • Able to draw rich text on both tooltip and node text
  • Select / unselect / focus TreeNode via WinAPI - not setting back color
  • Built-in drag-drop effects with automatic node expand (enabled and delay customizable)
  • Full keyboard multiselection support - F2 in-place edit, Ctrl+key, Shift+key, and Ctrl+Shift+key
  • DoubleBuffered support - works perfectly with or without double buffering
  • Tooltip aligned with node and node text
  • Vista TreeView 'explorer' theme mode support
  • Same multiselection behavior in both XP and Vista
  • Custom / owner drawn tooltip with custom positioning and sizing on tooltip Popup
  • Hardware accelerated double buffering and drawing techniques
  • Fastest (most responsive) double buffered TreeView - most third-party TreeViews are sluggish when redrawing
  • Small assemblies diskspace and memory footprint
  • Should have been THE TreeView control for Visual Studio - shame on Microsoft for their half-hearted attempt at wrapping the SysTreeView32 Common Control
  More information about Advanced TreeView (Screen shots and download)