PackIt (Formerly Xtrimsoft PackIt)

Freeware Duplicate File Finder

PackIt - The multi-award-winning identical / duplicate file finder utility for Windows
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Click here for Full Screen Shot PackIt finds identical / duplicate files on your hard drives and/or network storage media (e.g. server drives, CD-ROMs etc.) using user-definable matching scheme, from partial to full match and byte-for-byte to CRC32 compare. PackIt complements Windows Disk Cleanup by searching for files that are copied to your hard drive and located in a few folders several times.

PackIt can find files that have different file names, like "song.mp3" and "Copy of song.mp3". It is also very useful for finding and cleaning up identical downloads, especially on a multi-user computer. Redeem your lost hard disk space now!

Use PackIt totally free of charge to keep your hard drives organized! It is a quality product designed for:
  • Speeding up the process of eliminating duplicate files
  • Viewing to confirm they are actual duplicates and removing them
  • Remove the duplicates and redeem your lost hard disk space
  • Reducing storage and time used for backups
  • Reducing human error on a shared server
    (e.g. user folder - accidental drag and drop, copy and paste etc.)

* Warning: Only use PackIt to search for duplicates from your downloads. Do not use PackIt to search and delete duplicated system or program files - it may cause your program to stop working and/or Operating System (OS) to malfunction.

If you understand the risks involved in using such a software to clean up your hard drive and would like to use it anyway, download it here:

   Download PackIt - version 1.0.2 (with WinXP Theme Support) - 215.56kB

Mirror 1:
Get it from CNET!    CNET - version 1.0.2 (with WinXP Theme Support)

Mirror 2:
Simtel - version 1.0.2 (with WinXP Theme Support)


Rated full 5 stars at FileHeaven     Rated full 5 stars at TopShareware     Rated 3 stars at SnapFiles

PackIt is also available at the following sites:
  1. Simtel - link (Mirror downloads available)
  2. TopShareware - link

Now that Xtrimsoft no longer exists, I will be supporting this freeware privately under this website. Please update all your bookmarks and links to point to this page instead.

PackIt has the following restrictions (by downloading, you agree to the following terms and conditions):
  • Not to be redistributed
  • Other standard software EULAs such as this.